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This is AMAQUEN Think Tank of Quality Education

AMAQUEN is a Think Tank in the field of Education offering all the back-end features you will ever need. Add any suggestion and power any thoughts, non-profit, school, or institutional services.

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AMAQUEN includes different Activities Types that can be combined together create unique and powerful Think Tank Utilities with The contribution of All.


Anyone is invited to participate in Forums or submit Reseach and Studies, use any AMAQUEN's publication, and customize and preview suggestions in real-time.

CIMQUSEF, Quality-Research

Each CIMQUSEF allows the best opportunities to Researchers and Practitioners, to innovate together and suggest the relevant solutions for the problems of Education, now and in the future.

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Abdennasser Naji

The President of AMAQUEN

AMAQUEN Foundation
Moulay Ali Eloualidi

General Secretary of AMAQUEN

AMAQUEN Foundation
Larbi Bellarbi

Research manager of AMAQUEN

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