The National Symposium on Quality in Education (CONAQUE) is an annual event. It brings together decision-makers, stakeholders and experts. So, it opens the debate on topics of interest to public opinion. Thus, the objective is to propose relevant solutions to clearly defined issues.

It is, with the international conference of Quality Education (CIMQUSEF), the opportunity to to deal in depth with the issues of Quality of Education. It’s also the occasion to award the Best Practices in this field.

CONAQUE was the privileged place for actors and decision-makers to discuss the main themes of the Quality of education. However, our memories remember with pride that the most important theme was the reflection  that AMAQUEN launched in 2009, on the national education strategy for 2030. So, this major project was completed in 2013, by publishing the fruit of this prospective study.

The participants at the symposium have already discussed following themes, in previous editions of the National Symposium on Quality in Education (CONAQUE):

  • Financing education;
  • private education;
  • religious education;
  • governance;
  • pedagogical model;
  • language of instruction.