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    This is the official website of AMAQUEN which is the Think Tank specialized in the Quality in Education. So, through its research, its studies and its reflections on the problems of education, from early childhood education to higher education, AMAQUEN tries to influence public policies in this area.

    Also, AMAQUEN is a Think Tank in the field of Education offering all the back-end features you will ever need. Add any suggestion and power any thoughts, non-profit, school, or institutional services.


    Our Think Tank is open for everyone has ideas to improve Quality Education.


    You can contribute with your innovative ideas to build the future of Education. So, you’ll never have to think alone, because many others persons will share with you these thoughts through this website. And, with all interested by the Quality in Education, you can suggest and preview any ideas across all your mind production, and you will sure that we will take it in account.


    All the publications of AMAQUEN are available in this website. You can access to the recent research papers, case studies, reports in any time. Then, everyone has the possibility to see photos and videos of our activities and share them as you want. You can also comment about our publications and submit your contributions to be published in our JoQiE “The Journal of Quality in Education”.