AMAQUEN organizes each year the Mahdi Elmandjra Prize to encourage good practices in the field of Quality in Education.
Since 2005, the Mahdi Elmandjra prize has been awarded to educational and training institutions on the basis of a Quality standard. Professor Mahdi Elmandjra himself presented the prize to the lucky winners.
After his death on June 13, 2014, the award bearing his name, now rewards the best research in the field of humanities and social sciences.
The Mahdi Elmandjra Award 2019 went to Dr. Heba Gamaleddine Lecturer in Political Science Institute of National Planning of Egypt.

The 2020 edition of the Mahdi Elmandjra Award

The Moroccan Association for the Improvement of the Quality of Education (AMAQUEN) is organizing the 2020 edition of the Mahdi Elmandjra Award for the best scientific research in the social and human sciences, with the aim of promoting research in the humanities and social sciences.
The best research award will be presented on the occasion of the annual commemoration of the death of Mahdi Elmandjra, which will be held this year in June 2020.
The deadline for submitting research is April 26, 2020. Candidates should send their entries to the following e-mail:
Candidate research is required to be in the social and human sciences and as relevant as possible to one of the subjects that preoccupied Prof. Mahdi Elmandjra and in this case to discuss, analyze and deepen the thinking in order to highlight the intellectual value of the work of the professor and develop his perceptions about it whenever possible. It is also required that the research be new and has not been published before, and adhere to the accepted methodologies in the writing of scientific research.
It will be entrusted to a scientific committee to judge the nominated researches and to announce the winners,
The Committee is chaired by Professor Hassan Aourid and includes a number of Moroccan researchers and thinkers.